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Past Events

கடந்த நிகழ்வுகள்

Aram 2019

Aram is NTU Tamil Literary Society's Overseas Community Involvement Programme.

Vaniga Vettai 2019

Vanigavettai is an entrepreneurship programme jointly organized by the Tamils Representative Council Youth Wing and the NTU Tamil Literary Society.

Tamil + AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing very quickly, and the world is engaging in a variety of research to enhance and improve our lives.

Project Orion

Since last year’s Project Strive, NTU Tamil Literary society, NUS Tamil Literary Society, NUS Indian Cultural Society and Tamizha sees great importance in the 4 organisations...

Kuriyeedu Vilyaadu 2019

Coding is becoming an essential skill in today's advanced world.

Thiraikavi 2019

Thiraikkavi is an exciting new event initiated by NTU TLS to present Tamil Literature to students and the public through short films.

Paarvai 2019

As a testament to our identity as Tamil Literary Society, NTU TLS constantly tries to find ways to improve the reach of Tamil in our society and aspires ...

Pongattum Anantham 2019

Inter Uni Cultural Showcase பொங்கட்டும் ஆனந்தம் (Culturals) proudly organised by NTU Tamil Literary Society and Alumni Association!

Festival Of Lights 2018

This year, NTU Tamil Literary Society collaborated with NTU Sikh Society and NTU Graduate Students’ Association give the Indian NTU students an opportunity to celebrate this joyous event with their peers.

Annual General Meeting 2018

Tamil Literary Society’s Annual General Meeting served as an excellent platform to appreciate and congratulate the members of the 8th committee

Vaanga Pazhagalaam 2018

Vanga Pazhagalam. Come, let’s bond. The first major TLS event of the year which welcomed every member of the Tamil community in NTU

Aram 2018

ARAM is an Overseas Community Involvement Programme by NTU TLS every year. We...

Project Strive 2018

Being privileged with many facilities and opportunities, we often forget the difficulties faced by the less fortunate.

Paarvai 2018

Paarvai is a celebration of tamil literature. Together with the Tamil Language and Learning Promotion Committee, we ...

Uthraa 2018

A biennial production, this year’s Uthraa weaved dance and technology into the storyline of the drama.

Festival Of Lights 2017

This year NTU TLS celebrated Deepavali

Annual General Meeting 2017

Every year, NTU Tamil Literary Society organises this Annual General Meeting to transfer the responsibilities of leadership...

Vaanga Pazhagalaam 2017

Vaanga Pazhagalaam 2017 was an exciting day camp organised for our freshmen as well as our senior and alumni NTU students.

Mocha 2017

MOCHA 2017 was a cultural night concert by NTU Tamil Literary Society...

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